Latino Body Music Vol. III
Public Possession – PPUTI-011

You can call it merengue, calypso or champeta.
I want you is a love song for the modern dancefloor. Nobody will resist to follow you on that limbo dance you are thinking about, and yes we agree about that piña colada too.

Latino Body Music is a dance music style that blows warm breeze on every dancefloor and drives audiences to an irresistible need to move the hips and go deep into their tropical fantasies. Future classics that will remain hot in your collection. Puro vacile efectivo.

As a consequence of a three day island extravaganza, VJ ENTTER materialized this video clip and takes us to this place where’s no hangover. Raúl is a visual artist and designer from Spain who performs audiovisual shows in festivals, produce audiovisual scenography, installations, workshops and talks. @vjentter

I want you is part of the Latino Body Music Vol. 3 EP (Release date: 22.02.2019) released on vinyl by Public Possession imprint from Munich. This volume pays tribute to the merengue-house sound that conquered dancefloors in latin america during the 90s and includes versions of music by Francheska, Mundo Max and Los Tupamaros.

Public Possession UTI -011


El Disco es Cultura

Latino Body Music Vol. III, es un disco para damas y caballeros que están enamorados.

Sí, eso es correcto!